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SHAHA4180-Ravichandran T

42,5ft 11in,IT

I am a very simple, caring,

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SHAHA4218 - Shailesh HM | Last login: 100 days ago

Name: Shailesh HM Age: 36
Dob : 1985-11-26 Native : Bangalore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 68 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Mulkvan Gothru : Shravanaka Rishi
Rasi: Mesham Nakshatram: Karthikai
Education: B.E Profession: Manager
About Nowro: ...
SHAHA4160 - Mithuun | Last login: 153 days ago

Name: Mithuun Age: 34
Dob : 1987-03-13 Native : Bangalore
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 68 Patham: 2
Gherunav: Muddan Gothru : vyasa
Rasi: Simmum Nakshatram: Makam
Education: BE Profession: Technology Product Manager (IT)
About Nowro: Originally from Bangalore, I have been living in Bangalore for since birth I am 5 feet 5 tall and moderately built. My First job earn at the age of 17 hustlings learned an entrepreneur and did an...
SHAHA4207 - Arjun | Last login: 157 days ago

Name: Arjun Age: 27
Dob : 1995-02-02 Native : Bangalore
Color: Lhovvo Height: 6ft
Weight: 75 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Pachikiden Gothru : Mareese
Rasi: Rishabam Nakshatram: Karthikai
Education: BBM Profession: Smart Q
About Nowro: My Son Arjun is a very active person. He was doing a startup on his own and due to circumstances could not complete it. Now he is working in a Start up co. in Bangalore. We are having own house in...
SHAHA4168 - Deepak | Last login: 286 days ago

Name: Deepak Age: 34
Dob : 1986-09-29 Native : Bangalore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 62 Patham:
Gherunav: Muddan Gothru : Vyasa Maharushi
Rasi: Kadagam Nakshatram: Awilyam
Education: B.Com Profession: Working In IT Field
About Nowro: -...
SHAHA3821 - Vishal MV | Last login: 1144 days ago

Name: Vishal MV Age: 27
Dob : 1992-05-26 Native : Bangalore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 85 Patham:
Gherunav: Musuvathi Gothru : Sounaka
Rasi: Kumbam Nakshatram: Purattathi
Education: BE Profession: IT software
About Nowro: ...
SHAHA3817 - Raguraman | Last login: 1148 days ago

Name: Raguraman Age: 56
Dob : 1967-10-17 Native : Bangalore
Color: Kalo Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 62 Patham:
Gherunav: Kuppa Gothru : bharathwaj
Rasi: Kanni Nakshatram: Hastam
Education: Profession: Accountant at pvt concern
About Nowro: Legally divorced. settled in bangalore. one female child studying UG 3rd Year...
SHAHA3802 - Sagar m h | Last login: 1206 days ago

Name: Sagar m h Age: 32
Dob : 1986-01-13 Native : Bangalore
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 70 Patham: 3
Gherunav: Molkvan Gothru : Shravanakar arishi
Rasi: Kumbam Nakshatram: Avittam
Education: Profession: Working as manager for health insurance
About Nowro: My brother is Simple n good person....
SHAHA3762 - Udaya Kumar MK | Last login: 1317 days ago

Name: Udaya Kumar MK Age: 42
Dob : 1977-01-02 Native : Bangalore
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 65 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Muddan Gothru : Vaisharushi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Rohini
Education: Diploma in electronics Profession: Working
About Nowro: Should be fair and good looking, age should be around 35 to 40 yrs old......
SHAHA114 - S R Sudhakar | Last login: 1466 days ago

Name: S R Sudhakar Age: 35
Dob : 1983-11-12 Native : Bangalore
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 60 Patham: 4
Gherunav: solkan Gothru : markandeya maharishi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Thiruvonam
Education: Bsc,MBA Profession: Bank Manager
SHAHA3676 - VINOD KUMAR M D | Last login: 1511 days ago

Name: VINOD KUMAR M D Age: 31
Dob : 1987-05-30 Native : Bangalore
Color: Lhovvo Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 70 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Munnaan Gothru : Udhangamaru shi
Rasi: Midunam Nakshatram: Thiruvathirai
Education: B.E Profession: Mechanical Engineer
About Nowro: My son is simple and kind of lovable person , jovial, flexible and easy going person. He loves to travel and spending his time in fitness. We have an independent house in Bangalore. Younger son...

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