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SHAHA2336-Vaishnavi Sethuraman

33,5ft 4in,SAP BW Senior Consultant

Nowri is cultured, ethical..
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SHAHA3133 - Ramya PB | Last login: 4 hrs, 38 mins ago

Name: Ramya PB Age: 23
Dob : 1993-07-07 Native : Trichy
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 60 Patham: 2
Gherunav: Piltin (Belle) Gothru : Dhateesha Maharishi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Avittam
Education: B.Tech I.T Profession: Software Professiona l
About Nowri: Friendly, affectionate, enthusiastic, open-minded and adaptable. By birth, I do not have left hand palm and fingers. I am perfect in all other respects....
SHAHA3049 - ARCHANA | Last login: Online Now

Name: ARCHANA Age: 27
Dob : 1990-05-09 Native : Thanjavur
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 55 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Vaithiya Gothru : Kashiba Rishi
Rasi: Thulam Nakshatram: Vishakam
Education: M.S (CS), USA Profession: Software Engineer
SHAHA2384 - Mirunalini A R | Last login: Online Now

Name: Mirunalini A R Age: 22
Dob : 1993-03-29 Native : Kumbakonam
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 62 Patham: 1
Gherunav: Andi Gothru : Mouthgalyar ishi
Rasi: Rishabam Nakshatram: Mirugachesam
Education: B.Tech(CSE) Profession: IT Professiona l
About Nowri: My Sister working in UST Global, Trivandrum Earning 25k per month......
SHAHA2336 - Vaishnavi Sethuraman | Last login: 1 days ago

Name: Vaishnavi Sethuraman Age: 33
Dob : 1983-08-10 Native : Kumbakonam
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 70 Patham:
Gherunav: Pumbatti Gothru : Kanvarishi
Rasi: Simmum Nakshatram: Makam
Education: B E Information Technology Profession: SAP BW Senior Consultant
About Nowri: Nowri is cultured, ethical with a positive attitude towards life. Working as a Team Lead in one of the MNC in Mumbai. Nowri has been onsite to Belgium and San Francisco....
SHAHA3120 - Dr. A. M. Vandhitha | Last login: Online Now

Name: Dr. A. M. Vandhitha Age: 28
Dob : 1989-01-28 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 85 Patham: 2
Gherunav: Appiah Gothru : Jabali
Rasi: Kanni Nakshatram: Chittirai
Education: MBBS (MD.Microbiolog. 2nd year) Profession: Doctor.Tami lnadu GOVT. Service
About Nowri: Well adjustable calm and quiet...
SHAHA613 - ROOPA R.K.M | Last login: 3 days ago

Name: ROOPA R.K.M Age: 36
Dob : 1976-09-05 Native : Bangalore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 56 Patham: 3
Gherunav: Molkan Gothru : Shravanaka rishi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Education: in software Nitt 3 Years Profession: Banking /Accounts /Finance professiona l
About Nowri: softcharacter, wellcultured with practical thinging, hobbies include house decoration,reading, music, traveling wishes to go around the world. currently working & enjoying life at the fullest....
SHAHA1128 - Shiyagam priya | Last login: 3 days ago

Name: Shiyagam priya Age: 30
Dob : 1983-08-24 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 60 Patham: 3
Gherunav: khanthallu Gothru : savanava sownaga
Rasi: Kumbam Nakshatram: Sathayam
Education: Bsc Ms [It&M] Profession: consultancy
About Nowri: Doing placement consultancy in a freelancer basis,adjustable,listening to music....
SHAHA3179 - J.lithika | Last login: 4 days ago

Name: J.lithika Age: 26
Dob : 1991-01-24 Native : Coimbatore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 56 Patham:
Gherunav: Chembal Gothru : Savanagaris hi
Rasi: Mesham Nakshatram: Bharani
Education: M.E Profession: Asst.profes sor
About Nowri: My daughter is a caring, well understanding, responsible, jovial person. She respects elders and she is multitalented....
SHAHA2817 - Subashini, S | Last login: 5 days ago

Name: Subashini, S Age: 24
Dob : 1992-05-25 Native : Paramakudi
Color: Lhovvo Height: 5ft
Weight: 59 Patham: 3
Gherunav: KUNGA Gothru : Chchayavana
Rasi: Kumbam Nakshatram: Sathayam
Education: MBBS Profession: Now Preparing for MD entrance
About Nowri: 1) Soft natured with generous mind. 2) Service motive to the needy and the poor. 3) Having Good Family background. 4) Affection and Respect to the Elders. 5)Now Undergoing preparation for MD...
SHAHA3000 - Geetha | Last login: 5 days ago

Name: Geetha Age: 28
Dob : 1988-01-13 Native : Madurai
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 60 Patham: 4
Gherunav: NIL Gothru : SALYA
Rasi: Kadagam Nakshatram: Punarpusham
Education: BE Profession: NIL
About Nowri: ...

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