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SHAHA1661 - Dr Bhuvana Sri M K | Last login: 14 hrs, 27 mins ago

Name: Dr Bhuvana Sri M K Age: 22
Dob : 1993-08-09 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 55 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Manicka Gothru : Mouchana
Rasi: Mesham Nakshatram: Aswini
Education: B.D.S. Profession: Dentist
About Nowri: God fearing, Respecting elders and devoted to work....
SHAHA2964 - Udayalakshmi | Last login: 18 hrs, 40 mins ago

Name: Udayalakshmi Age: 26
Dob : 1990-09-10 Native : Chennai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 65 Patham: 3
Gherunav: Gujuluvan Gothru : Marisha
Rasi: Rishabam Nakshatram: Karthikai
Education: B.E MBA Profession: Software Professiona l
About Nowri: Good character Devotional Reading books, writing, drawing Learning cooking...
SHAHA2640 - Sindhuri | Last login: 18 hrs, 45 mins ago

Name: Sindhuri Age: 25
Dob : 1990-04-23 Native : Salem
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 54 Patham: 4
Gherunav: Murari Gothru : Bharatwaj
Rasi: Meenam Nakshatram: Revathy
Education: BE Profession: Software Engineer
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA2925 - SIVAPRIYA P R | Last login: 1 days ago

Name: SIVAPRIYA P R Age: 22
Dob : 1994-02-04 Native : Paramakudi
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 49 Patham: 3
Rasi: Thulam Nakshatram: Vishakam
Education: BE(ece) Profession: ENGINEER
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA2125 - Dr. PRIYADHARSINI. J | Last login: 1 days ago

Name: Dr. PRIYADHARSINI. J Age: 24
Dob : 1990-08-27 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 52 Patham: 2
Gherunav: ontivillu Gothru : sownava
Rasi: Thulam Nakshatram: Vishakam
Education: MBBS Profession: Studying MD Dermatology
About Nowri: Smart intelligent good looking girl nurtured with good values- I have completed MBBS from Chennai-Now doing II nd year Post Graduation MD Dermatolgy at Chennai...
SHAHA2966 - Deepika A.S | Last login: 2 days ago

Name: Deepika A.S Age: 27
Dob : 1989-05-08 Native : Madurai
Color: Lhovvo Height: 4ft 10in
Weight: 42 Patham:
Gherunav: annan Gothru : ubamanya
Rasi: Midunam Nakshatram: Mirugachesam
Education:,m.lisc,m.phil (SET) Profession: professor
About Nowri: ...
SHAHA613 - ROOPA R.K.M | Last login: 3 days ago

Name: ROOPA R.K.M Age: 36
Dob : 1976-09-05 Native : Bangalore
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 56 Patham: 3
Gherunav: Molkan Gothru : Shravanaka rishi
Rasi: Makaram Nakshatram: Utthiratam
Education: in software Nitt 3 Years Profession: Banking /Accounts /Finance professiona l
About Nowri: softcharacter, wellcultured with practical thinging, hobbies include house decoration,reading, music, traveling wishes to go around the world. currently working & enjoying life at the fullest....
SHAHA2091 - Ashwini | Last login: 4 days ago

Name: Ashwini Age: 31
Dob : 1984-01-03 Native : Madurai
Color: Goro Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 50 Patham: 2
Gherunav: chinnakonda Gothru : jabali
Rasi: Dhanusu Nakshatram: Puratam
Education: B.E(CSE) Profession: Software professiona l, Bangalore
About Nowri: Good looking, fair and fun loving. Born and brought up in Madurai. Working as software professional in Bangalore. From an educated family background...
SHAHA2336 - Vaishnavi Sethuraman | Last login: 4 days ago

Name: Vaishnavi Sethuraman Age: 32
Dob : 1983-08-10 Native : Kumbakonam
Color: Chammal Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 70 Patham:
Gherunav: Pumbatti Gothru : Kanvarishi
Rasi: Simmum Nakshatram: Makam
Education: B E Information Technology Profession: SAP BW Senior Consultant
About Nowri: Nowri is cultured, ethical with a positive attitude towards life. Working as a Team Lead in one of the MNC in Mumbai. Nowri has been onsite to Belgium and San Francisco. Marital Status : Divorced...
SHAHA361 - pavi | Last login: 7 days ago

Name: pavi Age: 22
Dob : 1990-07-07 Native : Madurai
Color: Lhovvo Height: 5ft
Weight: 52 Patham:
Gherunav: juttin Gothru : jhabali
Rasi: Mesham Nakshatram: Anusham
Education: be Profession: it
About Nowri: ...

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