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My daughter marriage is fixed

My daughter SHAHA1096 Saranya.T.J marriage fixed with SHAHA2049 Mr. S.R.Nagarajan, just in last month.
And the marriage fixed in October 2015.

Posted on - 3287 days ago

Marriage fixed with the help of our site. Betrothal on 29th JUNE 2015 at MADURAI

Marriage fixed with the help of our site. Betrothal on 29th JUNE 2015 at MADURAI.

Nowri profile id SHAHA1369.

Many many thanks for our beloved matrimony site SOURASHTRAGHETTIVIDO.COM


Posted on - 3339 days ago

Thanks alot

Hello ,

We are happy to inform that my sister Nithya ( SHAHA182 ) got engagement with Arun MM ( SHAHA1611 ) through your matrimony site.

Thanks a lot. Please delete our Profile.


Pradeep S. ( Brother of Nithya)

Posted on - 3380 days ago

Marriage fixed

Thanks for your site service.

Posted on - 3425 days ago

Marriage fixed, Thanks :)

Marriage fixed. Thank you very much - SHAHA221

Posted on - 3425 days ago

Life partner found

Life partner found.

Thanks for your support - SHAHA756

Posted on - 3423 days ago

Got nowri :)

Got nowri :)

Thx - SHAHA1100

Posted on - 3420 days ago

Marriage fixed, Wow

Marriage fixed!!!!!!!!!


Thanks - SHAHA1582

Posted on - 3418 days ago

Got fixed :) hence removing my profile!


Got fixed :) hence removing my profile!

Thanks you very much for your service.


Posted on - 3418 days ago

Marriage Completed

Marriage Completed, Thanks for your service - SHAHA345

Posted on - 3416 days ago

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